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Family Dental Care
in San Mateo

Kids and adults of all ages are equally welcome at Dr. Chiu’s family-friendly practice. The emphasis for children is on establishing good dental hygiene habits, and on building a positive relationship with the dentist for a lifetime of oral health.

How young are the patients you accept?

Typically, we start seeing patients when they are around three years old, although they can come in earlier if there are specific concerns.

How do you help younger patients feel comfortable during their visits?

Kids need to know what to expect. Before we do anything, we always explain what is going to happen and show them the instruments that we’ll be using. We use a lot of pictures to explain what is happening in their mouth and what we’re going to do. For kids who need a bit of distraction, we have computer monitors set up on our chairs and can play short videos for them.

How about nervous adults?

Sometimes adults are worried about visiting the dentist because of painful experiences in the past. Dr. Chiu and her team pay close attention to especially nervous patients and make sure they are comfortable throughout their visit. Our serene office has the best modern equipment to make cleanings, fillings, and other treatments as comfortable as possible. Dr. Chiu and her staff will pay close attention to your comfort during treatments and make adjustments to accommodate your needs.